Doepfer A-129/5 VUV Voiced/Unvoiced Detector


  • Gain
  • Treble Boost


  • Speech Input
  • Speech Output
  • Gate Output
  • Unvoiced Input
  • Voiced Input
  • Voiced/Unvoiced Output



The Voiced / unvoiced detector (A-129/5) can recognise voiced and unvoiced sections in the speech signal, and switch the carrier signal accordingly. The incoming speech signal is processed through a pre-amplifier with adjustable gain and a treble boost unit. The treble boost improves the vocoder effect. The voiced/unvoiced recognition system controls a voltage controlled switch (like A-150) which is used to switch between the voiced and unvoiced carrier signal (e.g. VCO and Noise). Additionally the voiced/unvoiced information is available a a gate signal. A LED displays the unvoiced state.

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