Doepfer A-129/4 SLC Slew Limiter Controller


  • Freeze/Slew/Follow
  • Manual Slew Rate
  • Slew CV Attenuator


  • Freeze Ctr. Input
  • Slew CV
  • Slew Control Outputs (3x)



To use the Slew Limiter section of the 129 /3, you need to have module A-129 /4 (Slew Limiter Controller) as well. It has several dedicated functions, and gives you control over the following slew limiter functions:

  • Manual control of the slew rate
  • CV control of the slew rate, with an input attenuator
  • Choice of three functions: "Follow", "Slew" and "Freeze"
  • Freezing the output voltages for the duration of a gate

This set of functions is operated by the Slew Limiter Controller, A-129/4. For this the Slew Control Outputs of the A-129/4 are connected to the Slew Control Inputs of up to three A-129/3.

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