Doepfer A-129/3 Vocoder Slew-Limiter


  • Attenuator 1-5
  • Offset 1-5


  • CV In 1-5
  • CV Out 1-5
  • Slew Control Input



The Five-way VC slew limiter / offset generator / attenuators (A-129 /3) and Slew controllers (A-129/4) are particularly designed for this purpose. Module A-129 /3 includes 5-way Attenuators, 5-way Offset Generators, and a Slew Limiter (which works on all the voltages at the five CV inputs simultaneously). Using the A-129 /3 just on its own, two functions are available:

  • Attenuator: whatever signal is patched into the CV input can be attenuated by your chosen amount before being sent to the CV output. The attenuation is set with a control knob.
  • Offset Generator: whatever signal is patched into the CV input will have an offset voltage added to it before being sent to the output. The offset is variable with a control knob.

The Slew Limiter function is only available if the Slew Control Input of the module A-129/3 is controlled by the Slew Limiter Controller A-129/4.

For the maximum extension of the vocoder three modules A-129/3 are required as the A-129/3 contains only 5 units but the complete vocoder has 15 frequency bands. Usually, the A-129/3 is patched between the CV outputs of the analysis section A-129/1 and the CV inputs of the synthesis section A-129/2. You can also use module A-129 /3, particularly in combination with A-129/4, for other purposes. For example, using the A-129/2 synthesis section only, you can make a filterbank.

Module A-129/3 can also be used out of a vocoder to attenuate any signal in the A-100 and to add a fixed offset voltage (e.g. to expand the features of the dual low cost VCA A-132, the Quantizer A-156 or the Sampler A-112).

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