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You just took a walk on the wild side with the Gonkulator, by DOD. Originally introduced in 1996, the Gonkulator combined the DOD Grunge pedal in parallel with a ring modulator to make some truly twisted sounds deserving of its name. Built to the exact specs as the original, the new Gonkulator adds and a new control: Frequency. The first Gonkulator offered the Frequency control as a trimpot, along with a warning to leave it alone. The carrier frequency of the original Gonkulator is 500 hertz, a hair up from B, but now users can fine-tune the carrier frequency to match the key in which they’re playing—or not. Crank the frequency control for some jagged, dissonant riffage or dial it in for some delicate, bell-like harmony. The Gonkulator excels at textures, and can sit anywhere in your signal chain for different sounds at each position. The Gonkulator also never met a dirt pedal it didn’t like—try hitting it with your favorite fuzz or overdrive for some otherworldly tones dying to be let into your next rhythm line. The updated Gonkulator is housed in a sturdy metal chassis with true bypass switching, standard power, and you’ll never lose the battery door again.

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