DOD Boneshaker (designed by Black Arts Toneworks)




Grit your teeth and hold on!

The new DOD Boneshaker is a straight-pipe, hard-tail run down a dirty, choppy road. A distortion pedal like no other, the Boneshaker is supercharged with a 3-band parametric EQ that drives its gain to add more frequency-specific, bowel-churning lows, more bare-knuckle mids and more responsive highs. Basically, more of everything! Black Arts Toneworks designed the Boneshaker's circuit specifically for extended-range guitars, baritone and bass - anything heavy, loud and low. Stacked, solo, into dirty or clean channel, the Boneshaker will shake you to your core.

In addition to the Boneshaker's Distortion, Depth and Level controls, it also features independent Low Level, Low Frequency, Mid Level, Mid Frequency, High Level and High Frequency controls. It's that incredibly versatile 3-Band Parametric EQ that makes the Boneshaker stand out from all other distortion stompboxes. Grab one of its EQ controls and hold on for the tone-shaping wild ride of your life.

The Boneshaker is true bypass, which allows your guitar tone to remain pristine even when the it is off and the power supply input makes it pedalboard friendly.


  • Circuit Design by Black Arts Toneworks
  • Independent Distoriton, Depth and Level Controls
  • Versatile 3-Band Parametric EQ
  • True bypass
  • 9V Power Supply jack
  • Crisp blue status LED
  • Aluminum chassis


  • Dimensions: 4.68” x 2.63”x 2.25” (L x W x H)
  • Weight: ~1.0 lbs. / 0.453 kgs.
  • Input: (1) ¼” Instrument
  • Output: (1) ¼” Instrument
  • Chassis: All Metal
  • Power Supply: 9V Alkaline Dry Battery or Optional Power Supply

DOD (press release January 20, 2015)

Get Ready for A Rough Ride: HARMAN's DOD Debuts Boneshaker Distortion Pedal

ANAHEIM, California – Grit your teeth and hold on! HARMAN's DOD today announced the introduction of its Boneshaker distortion pedal, created to deliver massive gain and supercharged with a 3-band parametric EQ section. Legendary pedal guru Mark Wentz of Black Arts Toneworks designed the Boneshaker's circuit specifically for extended-range guitars, baritone guitars and bass, to shake the audience to the core with crushing low-end impact.

"The DOD Boneshaker is designed to be the definitive distortion pedal for metal, hard rock, alternative and other styles that demand pummeling low-end power," said Tom Cram, Marketing Manager, DigiTech. "It's voiced for down-tuned guitars, 7- and 8-string guitars, baritone guitars and works equally well with bass. By itself, or stacked the Boneshaker lives up to its name."

The Boneshaker's Distortion knob adjusts the amount of distortion applied to the signal, from a taste of added grit to massive amounts of gain. The Depth control increases or decreases the overall low-frequency "growl" of extended-range instruments. The Level knob adjusts the overall volume level of the distortion effect, and can add a huge volume boost if desired.

The Boneshaker's 3-band parametric EQ allows the player to dial in his or her tone for any amount of gut-churning lows, bare-knuckle mids and cutting highs. Packing an incredible amount of tone-shaping flexibility into a small space, the Low, Mid and High controls have stacked knobs, one that selects the amount of boost or cut for its frequency range and another knob that selects the center frequency of the EQ.

Like all DOD pedals, the Boneshaker offers true bypass operation to keep the tone of the instrument pure when the effect is not in use. The pedal can be powered by a 9-volt battery or the optional PS200R power supply. For adventurous players who aren't afraid to experiment, the Boneshaker stacks well with other overdrive/distortion pedals and fuzz. The Boneshaker looks as unsubtle as it sounds, with a road-tough black metal housing and graphics that would look right at home on a custom chopper.

The DOD Boneshaker overdrive will be available in March 2015 at a suggested retail price of $187.44. 

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