DOD DFX98 EchoMatic Digital Delay


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this pedal was announced at Winter NAMM in 1998, but never went into production.


The DFX98 is an ultra delay pedal, boasting 8 full seconds of delay. Perfect for echo, sampling, slapback, or full on, 8 second psychedelic mayhem. Other cool features are 4 seconds of reverse delay, 18 bit signal path, and repeat hold. Controls are, Mix, Delay, Repeat, and Range/Mode.

DOD press release (February 1998)

The DFX98 'EchoMatic' Digital Delay is a stereo digital delay and sampler offering up to eight full seconds of delay time-twice as long as DOD's DFX94 Digital Delay. Sporting 16-bit A/D and D/A conversion, the DFX98 features a 'Repeat' mode for continuous sample looping, as well as a twisted 'Reverse' function to play the sample or loop back in reverse. When used in stereo, this stompbox can provide some of the most psychedelic sounds on the market. Control pots include: Mix, Delay, Repeat and Mode.

MSRP: $179.95

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