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Grit 'n' Grith - Transparent Overdrive through Thick and Thin

There are plenty of one-trick-pony overdrive pedals out there. They can sound great with the right guitar and amp, but lack the flexibility to make a truly great piece of gear. Enter the Grit Â’nÂ’ Girth: an amp-like transparent overdrive that allows you to select which frequencies are overdriven, allowing you to overcome the pre-defined midrange hump that plagues most overdrive pedals.

The Grit 'n' Girth has 4 controls (GRIT, GIRTH, TONE, VOL) and a DYNAMICS switch. GRIT adjusts the amount of drive while GIRTH selects which frequencies are overdriven. This new control scheme opens up a world of possibilities ranging from clear and focused to fat full-range overdrive, all while maintaining the characteristics of your guitar and amp. The 3-position DYNAMICS switch allows you to select between the highly compressed overdrive everyone is accustomed to as well as two additional settings that are more open and responsive. The TONE knob controls the treble and the VOL knob sets the overall output level. The most versatile overdrive pedal available for guitar or bass.

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