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The Lunar Echo is an incredibly versatile analog bucket brigade delay! It is a vintage bucket brigade, true, analog delay (not an analog simulation like a lot of others on the market, no pt2399 here! Do your homework, you may be paying too much for an analog fake!). It uses the V3205 bucket brigade chips which are a modern replica of the, out of production, mn3205's. The Lunar Echo sound is very unique, it is very warm and has a little bit of a dirty side! In Lunar Echo pre-production we wanted to make a nice warm and clear analog delay. After some happy accidents at the shop, we realized that the Lunar Echo sounded more like an old gritty tube tape echo than an analog delay. We were thrilled! The Lunar Echo is not meant to be an emulation of old tape delay units, however, it merely has certain characteristics of old tape and analog units. (In our humble opinion, you cannot truly recreate old tape sounds without tape!) The Lunar Echo is very warm and has a nice grit on the tails. The Lunar Echo is sure to warm up any signal, especially digital ones, and also loves to have gain cranked through it! Classify the ole' Lunar Echo however you feel, but at the end of the day, you will feel great with it in your rig!

The Lunar Echo is equipped with a handful of useful and creative functions.

Take Off Switch: This function is very cool. It is a “step and hold” button. When you step down on it, it sends it into self oscillation mode where you can get very cool sweeps and dynamic volume effects. You can use the Take Off switch to crescendo in and out of phrases, as well as extend notes. Once the unit is self oscillating, you can continue to play over the oscillation and hear the oscillations back off in intensity while you play over them. Once you let off the take off switch, you will hear your oscillations and notes you played over tail off...very cool feature!

Lo-fi, Hi-fi switch: This switch changes the tone on your repeat tails between a lo-fi and a hi-fi sound. In Lo-fi mode, the Lunar Echo preserves the tone as a whole and degrades it gradually. In hi-fi mode, the Lunar Echo leaves the High frequencies in the repeats and degrades them.

Tape normal wrecked Switch: The Lunar Echo is also equipped with a unique modulation section, on a switch, which lets you put some lush modulation on your tails to get a very nice type of tape “warble.”
Again, the Lunar Echo is not a tape emulator, but we decided that the "Tape" mode, when labeled, "Tape" was the most inspiring for the modulation section.
This is a 3 position switch. In the middle position, the delay is a delay without any modulation.
When you activate "Tape" mode, this engages the modulation circuit that lets you dial in your chorus/vibrato and warble effects to the delay repeats.
Wrecked mode is basically the modulation circuit gone crazy, you can get some really crazed effects and noises with wrecked mode.
I like to describe it as having someone on your pedal board at all times, randomly twisting your delay knobs and giving you neat textures and effects. From helicopter sounds, to random warble with the depth set really low. Wrecked mode by itself should be a pedal.

The Lunar Echo has a wet and a Dry output for people who need stereo functionality.

The Lunar Echo has an Expression out jack to control the Delay Time (spaceknob). You need an expression pedal with a 500k pot for the maximum sweep.

The Lunar Echo is definitely something you should have on your pedal board, and a great tool for the creative mind!

The Lunar echo is True Bypass and runs off of a standard 9v power supply.

The Lunar Echo dimensions are: 4.70"L x 3.70"W x 2.22"D

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