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The Lexi is a really great British voiced overdrive. It uses transistor technology to get a nice tube feel to its interaction with your amp and guitar. The Lexi is equipped with a Gain knob that has a spectacular range, from mild breakup to screaming half stack tone! It has a Bite knob which interacts with the high frequencies in the clipping section. The Lexi is already terrifically voiced, and the Bite knob can be used to add added sparkle or cut depending on the rig. The Lexi has a ton of volume on tap and can easily push your amp into overdrive just by using the volume knob! The Lexi has the classic rock sound you are looking for in a neat compact stompbox. Listen to the rock gods and get yours today!

The Lexi is true bypass and runs off a standard 9v power supply or 9v battery.

The Lexi's dimensions are: 4 5/8" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/2"

DMB Pedals about 4 knob version

The 4 knob Lexi takes the classic Lexi sound one step further with the addition of the Clean knob. The Clean knob uses Class A Mixer technology to split the original signal and the Lexi signal, giving you the option to combine both signals!! The Clean knob function is so much more than your average blend knob, because you have two knobs(Level and Clean) to dial in any mixture you want, not just the boring 50/50 ratio in traditional "blend knob" pedals. The clean knob is absolutely cutting edge.This let's your sound become very amp like and three dimensional! You will also get more punch and attack back. You simply have to try it for yourself!

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