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The Cosmic Boost is the "swiss army knife" to have in your rig. It can be a preamp, a boost, a crunchy distortion/overdrive, or just a cool looking pedal on your rig! The Cosmic Boost is based around a super low-noise IC chip and a clipping section. The Cosmic Boost has a gain knob with a nice sweep range on it. It can go from warm to punchy, to crunchy. There is plenty of volume on tap as well.

With the use of a toggle switch, you can tailor the tone to your rigs needs. Cut mode (down) allows for a low "bottom-end warmness" to enhance your tone. The Boost mode (up) gives a nice shine and sparkle to the top end of your tone. Use the amount of volume push on tap to push the front end of your amp into a nice tube break up! Possibilities are endless with the Cosmic Boost! The Cosmic Boost is true bypass and runs off a standard 9v power supply or 9v battery.

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