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    DMB Pedals consists of co-owners and builders; Mike Blakemore and Daniel Minton. We are currently located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma but will soon be opening another branch in Nashville, Tennessee in 2012.

    Timeline (by DMB Pedals)

    • September 2007: DMB Pedals was formed and the 3 knob Stellar Drive was released
    • October 2007: DMB modification shop opened for mods to Boss, Ibanez, etc...
    • October 2007: The Volumizer was released
    • January 2008: Cosmic Boost was released
    • February 2008: Loopy was released
    • December 2008: Lunar Echo released
    • February 2009: mod shop closed indefinitely
    • September 2009: Americana, Lexi, Foxy Pirate and the optional Clean knob addition to several models were released and added and the Cosmic Boost was renamed and re-formatted to Cosmic Crunch
    • February 2010: Bumble Bass Fuzz was released
    • November 2011: Spankenstein Compressor was released
    • January 2012: DMB opens 2nd branch in Nashville, TN.

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