DLS Effects Ultra Chorus


  • Blend
  • Output Level
  • Delay Time

Chorus 1

  • Rate
  • Depth

Chorus 2

  • Rate
  • Depth
  • Sweep
  • On/Off
  • Chorus 1 / Chorus 2


DLS Effects

This custom Chorus effect was designed by engineers who are also musicians for the professional who is looking for high quality sound and robust construction. A unique combination of analog and digital electronics has produced one of the warmest-sounding, most powerful effects in the industry. These effects are extremely quiet, versatile, and allow the musician to dial in the sound they are after. The effect was constructed using a heavy steel enclosure, steel switches, and steel pots to withstand every road environment. We call it BOMB proof! Every custom effect is checked by ear by an engineer/musician before it is qualified to be sold. These effects are quality crafted in the USA. This will be the last chorus pedal you will ever want to purchase!

  • Extremely warm, and versatile sounds
  • Stereo output for lush, full chorus effects
  • Two separate Chorus sections that can be preset and Footswitch selected, on the fly
  • 16 positions of selectable Delay for a multitude of chorus sounds
  • Multiple controls allow the musician to control their own sound
  • Custom-designed electronics
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA by engineers who are also musicians
  • Rugged steel enclosure and steel parts
  • Every effect is tested by an engineer/musician
  • True Bypass Switching

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