Dimmed Light Devices Space Odyssey - Ambiant Analog Guitar Box


Dimmed Light Devices

Look at your instruments board space cadet:

  • DELAY knob: sets the amount of time processing
  • TIME knob: shifts your tone through time (from short ping-pong to up to 400ms)
  • FEEDBACK knob: sets the amount of signal repeats
  • DEPTH knob: sets the wetness of time modulation
  • DECAY knob: sets the reverb effect from mortal to everlasting
  • TONE knob: sets the voice of the reverb effect
  • REVERB knob: sets the amount of reverb
  • RATE knob: sets the modulation speed (from slow warble to fast pitch vibrato)

RATE, DEPTH, DELAY, TIME and FEEDBACK are interacting together!

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