Dimmed Light Devices Odysseus - Radio Tube Overdrive



  • reacts dynamic to your playing
  • interacts with the guitars T&V cont.
  • wiring on vintage phenolic board
  • selected NOS silver mica caps
  • selected NOS paper oil capacitors
  • selected NOS radio tubes
  • carbon composition resistors
  • LEVEL FUZZ and COLOR knobs
  • indiv. serial number on each pedal
  • true bypass foot switch
  • lighted tube heater switch
  • size 4.3"x5.3" / 11x13.5cm
  • weight 0.83lbs / 375gr.
  • needs a Eventide style power supply (9V 500mA with positive center)

Dimmed Light Devices

The ODYSSEUS pedal is built around a tested new old stock radio tube.

Together with other selected components it gives you a very dynamic and fuzzy overdrive.

If you are after wet classic rock tones - this pedal might be the right for you.

  • Controls: GRIT / COLOR / LEVEL
  • true bypass
  • 9V DC Boss style
  • size: 4.3"x5.3" / 11x13.5cm
  • height 2.7" (7cm)
  • weight 0.9lbs (400gr.)
  • 70`s chrome - grag orange gloss finish
  • durable steel housing
  • plywood bottom


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