Dimmed Light Devices Holy Mountain - Heavy Hybrid Fuzz


Dimmed Light Devices

The HOLY MOUNTAIN pedal is an untamed hybrid fuzz based on the Odysseus circuit, which is complemented by a solid state stage.

This Fuzz gives you singing flute tones, massive volume and feedback (if you want). This pedal is good for  heavy old school rock.

You can tame it to your needs with your instruments volume knob.

  • Controls: FUZZ / COLOR / LEVEL
  • true bypass
  • 9V DC Boss style
  • height 2.7" (7cm)
  • size: 4.3"x5.3" / 11x13.5cm
  • weight 0.9lbs (400gr.)
  • 70`s chrome - earth brown gloss finish
  • durable steel housing
  • plywood bottom

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