Dimmed Light Devices Echomodul 2 - 400ms Delay


Dimmed Light Devices

The ECHOMODUL II combines the warmth & lushness of an analog delay with the purity and headroom of a digital unit.

This makes it very versatile for most applications.

***Connect the module, grab your trem arm and push yourself out into Space!***

  • Controls: DSAT / TIME / ECHO
  • 10-400ms delay time
  • true bypass
  • 9V DC Boss style
  • size: 4.3"x5.3" / 11x13.5cm
  • height 2.7" (7cm)
  • weight 0.9lbs (400gr.)
  • 70`s chrome - module green gloss finish
  • durable steel housing
  • plywood bottom

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