Discrete Circuits Disturbed - Fuzz/Octave/Overtones/Noise


Discrete Circuits

The Disturbed pedal is capable of producing a variety of distorted fuzz tones, overtones and oscillations.

Disturbed has 5 controls

  • Fizz
  • Stop
  • Squat
  • Cut
  • Loud

The Guitars Volume control affects the sound too. Roll off the volume whilst using a setting that's generating octaves will reduce the original note just leaving the octave or overtone.

The 1st 4 controls interact with each other i.e. the effect of 1 control depends on where the others are set, crazy stuff.

Disturbed is a low current consuming battery powered hand made stomp box with 1 output level control, an input connection on the right and output connection on the left, and a heavy duty bypass switch.

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