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Discrete Circuits

Back in the 60's Guitarists needed a boost for their solo's to cut through the mix, just enough to drive the input of their valve amps a little bit more, and at the right frequency.

The hand made battery powered Deranged pedal does exactly that, and more, not only does it boost at higher frequencies it's capable of boosting at 3 variations of a higher  range including full range.

Using the full range setting allows you to drive your amp to get the tone you've always wanted.

Deranged has

  • 1 Control this is the boost level, and does just that
  • 2 Switches
    • with both switches down in the (norm) position, this gives the traditional top boost
    • with the left switch up in the (full 1) position, this gives full range boost
    • with the right switch up in the (full 2) position, this gives in between top and full range
    • with both switches up, this gives a very subtle change to the full 2 setting
  • 3 AC128 Germanium transistor, tuned so that the voltage at the transistors collector junction is -7.1v 
  • Deranged is also fitted with a heavy duty bypass switch

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