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The Showtime pedal is essentially a copy of the very early Super Fuzz pedal. The transistors are 2SC828 within the proper HFE range 130-260. It is important to realize that the first stage design in the early Super Fuzz vs. the 2nd incarnation differ drastically. We have added to the early design, a balance pot which equalizes the transistors that create the Octaves (this is a design used in the 2nd incarnation which turned out to be a valuable asset). We have inserted a pot that removes progressively the octave at will, in both Notch and Fuzz selections (when the pot is turned clockwise it restores the pedal to default preset thus engaging the Octave at full power). We have an Led for On/Off which was not the case in the original. We have a 2nd foot switch to realize Notch/ Fuzz , also with an Led, as to be able not to have to do it manually for continuous play. We also offer a 9 volt adapter inlet as not to have to depend on the battery.

You will find this pedal to have a very aggressive manner and an interesting Vintage tone that is not found in the latter version. This pedal is more than a pedal, it is a tool for the professional musician.

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