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I would like for you to welcome to our Dirty Boy Pedals Family the latest member "BUZZY BOY." You may have realized by now that Tone Shaping is what I do with my pedals rather then something like Delays or Echoes or Phasers or Choruses.

What makes this pedal different from all the others is that it is actually all about FIZZ. It is a more finite sound, more precise with a whole lot more definition then a fuzz. (great for bass runs) Now, mind you, it is not thin by any means. It is as fat as you can get it.

All you have to do is watch the Demonstration Video or listen to all the sound clips that we have posted.BUZZY BOY is very refreshing yet it is a MONSTER as well. It can be ridiculously loud or it can be very subtle as well. It comes with 3 knobs Sustain, Balance and Timbre along with my signature Frequency selector. To make it more to the point, I just chose 3 frequencies, one very low , one midrange, and one very high. No big deal there, but you will notice that the 3 knobs work hand in hand with each other giving you a plethora of sounds. The balance knob also becomes like a volume control at times so you will have to dial it in to your pleasure every time you change the timbre (fancy name for tone control ) and the sustain as well. It sounds complicated but it's not, it is just GREAT FUN.

Oh yeah, one more thing, we dragged out the $99 stratocaster for the video as well as the " Buzzy Boy Song " which is part of the sound clips.

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