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Dirty Bird Amplification

The SDOD is a combination of the already popular Boost Screamer with the addition of our all new Super versatile Super Over Drive. Together they form the SUPER DUPER O.D!

The OverDrive is capable of a wide range of tones from blues to classic rock and everything in between. It also has a switch which changes the clipping from symmetrical to asymmetrical which adds a whole new texture to the tone. And just when you thought you tapped out the gain, just engage the Boost Switch and you get those blistering lead tones you've been searching for or wall of guitar power chords.

High Quality Components Through-out!

  • Wima Caps
  • Alpha Pots
  • Neutrik Jacks

Can be powered by any 9vdc Adapter w/ "Boss-Style" 2.1mm plug or the Included 9v Battery!!

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