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The Lucky Luca (Luca) was built over a year ago as a small side gadget to be able to match levels and add some extra drive to the drive for the amp following. To make it more versitale it was built as a Cut-Boost pedal with unity gain at the 12'o clock position. Contrary of turning the guitar volume down this means that when Luca is being used for cutting level this is without the usual treble loss or added noise due to guitar impedance loading on watever is connected to the guitar as first device. Therefore other than any clean boost pedal Luca is a clean cut as well.

Luca is fully linear over the full audio spectrum and therfore will not add bass loss or mud hump. Luca's in and outputs are in phase.

Ever thought about having your amp at the right gain setting for leads and turn a pedal off instead of on to go into lead mode? Without treble loss, thinning, noise or hum.

Using multiple instuments on stage? Pre-set Luca and match levels with a single step instead of having to adjust that gain on your amp again. This makes Luca the small tool which you thought you never needed till you tried.

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