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Dino's Guitars

The Rust Box is a boost/overdrive/distortion unit with its own personal signature, truly able to enhance your sonic landscapes!

The Rust Box is transparent
What distinguishes the Rust Box is that no matter where the control knobs are set, no matter the amount of gain or volume you are playing with, you will still sound like you. That is, all the nice nuances of your guitar and amp will be preserved and possibly enhanced by the musical, harmonically rich distortion texture provided by the Rust Box.

The Rust Box is dynamic
Simply turn the volume on your guitar down and the tone will clean up beautifully. You can make your guitar sound like the pedal is off, by simply backing down on the volume or easing your pick attack. Then, turn the volume back up or dig deeper into the strings to dive into one the richest overdrive/ distortion sounds ever. It's so dynamic it's almost scary!

The Rust Box is versatile
With it's "voice" switch it's like having three different pedals in one. Go from clean boost with a little hair on top (think Hendrix rhythm tone), to late Stevie Ray drive, to Van Halen-esque brown sound, to Neil Young's ‘Rust Never Sleeps' tone at the flick of a switch. And of course, nail all possible tones in between, too!

So, technically speaking what makes the Rust Box a very special box, indeed?

  • Proprietary circuit design, that preserves all the nice things about your guitar tone and enhances ear-friendly harmonics;
  • Baxandall circuit active tone controls, which provide the right amount of tone shaping options at the right frequencies. Finally tone controls that really work and that are truly useable from ‘-10' to ‘+10';
  • 3-position "Voice" switch that changes gain and compression structures, for maximum tonal flexibility. A full palette of distortion textures at your fingertip;
  • A mix of PCB and point-to-point construction provides consistency, reliability and great tone. We did a lot of experimenting on this, and finally settled on the best combination of construction and assembly techniques, to guarantee each and every pedal will deliver the same great tone, night after night. Plus a careful selection of top-shelf components ensures years of great tone and hassle-free enjoyment;
  • True bypass switching, it's probably needless to say, but we found out people will ask about this anyway. Providing a pedal with true bypass switching costs only a few bucks: it simply makes no sense for us to go any other way.


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