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Introducing the Dynabox: a huge step forward in your playing experience in a small package

The Dynabox will expand the tonal palette and dynamic capabilities of your rig, enhancing the good things about your tone. The Dynabox is not simply a booster, in fact it amplifies the ear-friendly, even-order harmonics, opening up your tone considerably. Notes will project and image differently, like a 3rd dimension has been added to their sonic spectrum.

Also, the Dynabox will allow you to take full advantage of your rig by expanding its dynamic potential. Your guitar's tone and volume control will come to life, as you will have a ton of different sonic shades at your fingertips. Changing the way you pick the strings or the way you fret notes will provide for even more tonal options. The Dynabox truly makes playing with dynamics fun and rewarding. Make those high notes sing and sustain, fatten them up with your fingertips and enjoy the character of your guitar and amp fully. You don't need to play loud, or to goose up your tone with drive or distortion to do that. The Dynabox will make that possible and still sound clean!

Of course, the Dynabox is also capable of boosting your signal by many (and we mean many!) dB's. So you can take full advantage of its incredible sound quality (and total lack of noise!) in all applications that require or might benefit from the use of a booster pedal. The Dynabox is most probably all the booster effects you'll ever need, and way more!

To sum up all the features that make the Dynabox a special pedal:

  • The Dynabox has been designed exclusively for tone from scratch. No compromises. We made sure the signal path inside the pedal is the shortest possible and that all components are top-shelf. For instance, we use SCR / Solen fast caps in the Dynabox, the same that are used on top-dollar boutique tube amplifiers. We could as well have used industry standard good quality parts that cost 10 times less, and still come up with an excellent pedal, probably as good as any. But we made a lot of tests and swapping of different types of components, and we settled on the ones that sounded and ‘felt' the best. The really good stuff does make a difference!
  • The 2-position "Compression" switch changes the dynamic character of the pedal. You can choose to go with the ‘cleaner' setting, for maximum headroom, volume and fastest note attack, or to opt for the more compressed, crunchier mode. Both operation modes have been tailored for best performance and usefulness: this is a pedal that can really make music on any setting. We feel this feature to be of utmost importance for the pro gigging and recording guitarist.
  • A mix of PCB and point-to-point construction provides consistency, reliability and great tone. We did a lot of experimenting on this, and finally settled on the best combination of construction and assembly techniques, to guarantee each and every pedal will deliver the same great tone, night after night.
  • True bypass switching, it's probably needless to say, but we found out people will ask about this anyway. Providing a pedal with true bypass switching costs only a few bucks: it simply makes no sense for us to go any other way.

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