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The Bubble Box is a tremolo & vibrato that sounds so good, it will have you look for ways to sneak some shakin' in your playing

(ed. note: in Bubble Box language, tremolo = amplitude modulation; vibrato = phase modulation, Leslie type)

The Bubble Box is probably all the modulation effects you'll ever need
We've always been longtime fans of tremolo and vibrato. We think they can sprinkle magic on already cool parts to make them even cooler. That is: the good sounding tremolos & vibratos. So, we gathered all the good things we like about these glorious effects, and stuck them in one box. The Bubble Box offers all the nice things, that make tremolo and vibrato worth playing with: smooth modulation, oily note envelope, musical note attack and release, versatile ranges of 'rate' and 'depth' (anything from subtle, oh-sooo-slow watery, to funky, choppin' and downright nasty);

The Bubble Box is true to your tone
Like all Dino's effect pedals, the Bubble Box will never hide the true tone of your rig, on the contrary: it will enhance it and make it shine. Its high input impedance will let you take advantage of your guitar's volume control: you will have great tone at all volume settings, from '0' to '10';

The Bubble Box takes vintage one step further
When it comes to guitar tone, we believe that technology is put to best use when you don't notice it. We just love the old Fender brownface tube tremolo from the early 60's (not the later one, with the optocoupler), as much as we love the Leslie-type rotating tremolo. In fact, the Bubble Box was designed with the purpose of replicating these vintage classics, both in tone and feel. To do so, and to pack both in a stompbox we used some of the best analog technology available. Still, you'll be hard-pressed telling there's no tubes in the Bubble Box (and there's no optocoupler either, by the way). The tone is 100% vintage, the hassle-free, compact and easy performance is 100% modern world.

So, technically speaking what makes the Bubble Box a very special box, indeed?

  • Proprietary circuit design, that preserves all the nice things about your guitar tone, enhances ear-friendly harmonics and expands your guitar's dynamic range;
  • Extraordinary flexibility, thanks to the two-more-than-usual-for-tremolos controls available. The Bubble Box comes equipped with a Master Volume, to control the signal level being sent to your amp, and a Tweak control, which adds that little bit of spice to the whole pedal;
  • Proprietary 'Tweak' knob, in tremolo mode you can add some crunch to the signal by turning the Tweak control clockwise, or leave Tweak at low settings for standard, clean tremolo. No other tremolo pedal does it!;
  • Hidden 'booster' mode, while we were at it, we sneaked in a mild booster / cruncher mode. Simply set the 3-way switch in its middle position and work with the Tweak and Volume settings;
  • A mix of PCB and point-to-point construction provides consistency, reliability and great tone. We did a lot of experimenting on this, and finally settled on the best combination of construction and assembly techniques, to guarantee each and every pedal will deliver the same great tone, night after night. Plus a careful selection of top-shelf components ensures years of great tone and hassle-free enjoyment;
  • True bypass switching, it's probably needless to say, but we found out people will ask about this anyway. Providing a pedal with true bypass switching costs only a few bucks: it simply makes no sense for us to go any other way

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