DingoTone VFZ Vintage Fuzz



Are you looking for the perfect vintage Fuzz Tone?

Have you spent hours trying pedals and never found that certain “something”?

Look no further! At DingoTone, we are proud to present our most exclusive pedal!

Every VFZ contains two vintage Germanium transistors that have been painstakingly hand-selected and auditioned to give the perfect pure vintage tone.  All the transistors used in the VFZ are at least 20 years old, with some made as far back as the 1950’s.  On average, it takes over two hours to find then properly match and audition a pair of transistors for each VFZ.  Add vintage specification resistors and capacitors and you have a box full of unequalled Tone!

The right vintage transistors are very hard to find so the VFZ is only made in small quantities when parts become available.  Every VFZ has a unique character – it is an exclusive pedal for musicians who demand the very best Tone.

The VFZ pedal has three controls: Level, Drive, and Trim.  Between these controls and your guitar volume and tone controls you can dial in an infinite number of variations of pure vintage Fuzz Tone.


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2015-01-2010/10  I have a "warm" model and it's the best fuzz pedal that I have ever played. Awesome!...

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