DingoTone TLM True-Bypass Loop Mixer




Do you have pedals that you wish were true bypass but aren’t? Do you wish you had an effect level control on your favorite old pedal?

Do you wish you could mix two signals together or split one signal into two?

Look no further than our ‘Swiss-army knife’ pedal, the TLM True-bypass Loop Mixer!

There are four important ingredients to this pedal: a looper with mixer; a clean booster; a simple two-channel mixer; and a buffered signal splitter!  It also has a “feedback” control to feed the loop output back into the loop to create amazing sounds!

Do you hate having your Tone sucked? Well this little gem of a pedal has a high quality 4558 opamps in its circuitry, and this means you get excellent Tone even when you drive this baby hard! Our designers, engineers and field testers developed this ingenious True-bypass Loop Mixer to be the best on the market and we guarantee that it will not suck your tone!

The most important piece to this pedal is level control. You can dial in the amount of input signal that goes to the output and the amount of loop signal that goes to the output.  You can ‘dry off’ pedals in the loop with the flick of a familiar level knob, just like the ones we use on our other effects pedals!

All of this and a tiny price! WOW! What a deal! Grab yours today; you won’t stop using the magic that is the TLM True-bypass Loop Mixer!

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