DingoTone HZD Boost




The best clean boost on the planet. Period.It will make your Strat scream, your Tele purr and your Gretsch groan and your Les Paul roar! Can you imagine that!!!

This is the pedal you won’t want to turn off. It makes all your other boost pedals redundant.

It loves your tube amp and plays well with your solid-state amp.

You will love the simple and responsive controls.

Picture yourself playing with the best boost pedal money can buy! Bringing your best-loved amp and guitar alive. Use it with your other DingoTone pedals and feel the Tone fatten out…

DingoTone has gone to unbelievable lengths to create the perfect boost pedal for you to enjoy!

This pedal has the magic formula that you know from our other pedals – hand built with premium components sourced from around the world. It is designed to be tough, reliable and easy to use, and of course features 3PDT True Bypass.

Play hard with DingoTone and feel the passion in your next gig!

You don’t have to save up for this awesome pedal…. It’s a steal of a price! WOW! Grab yours today!

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