DingoTone GHF Germanium Hybrid Fuzz



Do you love Fuzz? Has it been impossible to find the perfect Fuzz Tone?  Look no further! At DingoTone, we are proud to present a truly remarkable pedal and one that you won’t be able to live without…The GHF Germanium Hybrid Fuzz! Inside this little red box with yellow letters…

DingoTone engineers have sourced old Military Surplus Transistors, yes the real deal! Each Germanium transistor is painstakingly hand-selected and audited to be a perfect fit and then magically combined with a matching hand selected Silicon transistor to make Fuzz Tone like no other you have ever heard! WOW!

This pedal deserves to be on your board and first in line for awesome playing dynamics and touch control. You won’t believe the smooth lead tones using your neck pickup! The GHF is refined and smooth without forgetting it is a Fuzz.

It will rock your world! We are crazy about this pedal and want you to experience it, in all its FUZZY glory!

The GHF pedal has three controls, Level, Drive and Trim and each will enable you to experiment to your heart’s content! Feel the splendour that is, this little red pedal!

The GHF can be yours for a tiny price! WOW! Grab your piece of Fuzzy pedal mojo today!

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