DingoTone CSF Classic Seventies Fuzz




Do you love the seventies?

Does fat, smooth fuzz and edgy rock distortion put a smile on your face?

Do you wish you could find a fuzz pedal that was truly musical and superbly responsive?

The CSF pedal from DingoTone will transport you to dirt heaven! … Think of bell-bottom jeans, luscious long hair and funkadelic sounds… this is the heritage of this little white fuzz pedal with psychedelic green letters…

Plug her in between your favourite guitar and amp, make sure she is first in the line, then set the drive to max for your own awesome lead tone!

This little white box is supremely responsive to playing dynamics and responds perfectly to the volume control on your guitar. And there is some magic inside this box… Wind back your guitar volume to decrease the dirt and the Tone goes from full, fat fuzz down through awesome rock distortion to almost perfectly clean with a little overdrive – staying crisp the whole time. Wind back the drive control on the pedal to decrease the dirt and the Tone goes a darker and more brooding. There is a fantastic amount of control for a pedal with just two simple knobs!

This perfectly balanced silicon Fuzz pedal has roots in the seventies and potency of today, a truly magical little pedal. It doesn’t get any better than this!

At DingoTone we really understand what makes a great pedal and this little white box holds the magic formula that you know from our other pedals – hand built with premium components sourced from around the globe, with an eye for what makes sensational Tone! All designed and engineered to be tough, reliable and easy to use.

This pedal is a must for your board and we have priced this to be a steal! WOW! Grab your piece of Tone heaven today!

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