DingoTone BSD Big Sky Drive




Do you like vintage tube overdrive?  Are you looking for a pedal that will let your distinct Tone come through an unharmed?

At DingoTone, we have developed the Big Sky Drive pedal to be a masterpiece of transparent Overdrive Tone!  Our engineers, designers and field-testers have worked tirelessly to create a truly transparent, extremely flexible professional pedal.

Keep the Drive control at 11 o’clock and experience some awesome light crunchy overdrive that cuts right through, turn the Drive to MAX and WOW!!  It gets an Edgy Dirty even Fuzzy Tone…all with high and low EQ and huge boost for maximum flexibility!

And of course, it comes with our standard (3PDT) True Bypass. This little box of wonders needs to be on your pedal board alongside your other DingoTone dirt pedals…

It will knock your audience out, making them yell for more!You won’t want to turn this fantastic pedal off!

AND the best part, the price is awesome! WOW! Don’t hesitate! Grab your little bit of crackerjack genius that is the Big Sky Drive!


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