DigiTech Talker - Advanced Vocal Synthesis


  • Mic In
    Controls the mic volume
  • Instrument In
    Controls the instrument volume
  • Effect Out
    Controls the output volume
  • Program
    Selects one of the programs: Nuvo, Nuwah, TazMania, Talkbox, Alien, AutoTalk


Not a talkbox, but it's easy to use and sounds like one.

the manual about the different programs

  • NuVo: This is the most intelligible program. Play a chord and speak or sing into the mic and you will be able to hear the words clearly.
  • NuWah: (Guitar effect only, no vocal needed). This is an automatic wah feature that is somewhat like an envelope follower but the wah is very human sounding.
  • TazMania: (Use instrument and mic, or mic alone). This program uses white noise to generate a devilish voice. The gate feature is active so that the user can switch back and forth between the effect and the guitar sound without pressing the Bypass switch.
  • TalkBox: This program features vocoder which has been EQ'd to sound more like the old Talkboxes such as the "Golden Throat", Heil "Talk Box", etc.
  • Alien: This program features an old style vocoder or alien sounding effect.
  • AutoTalk: This is an automatic vocoder-type effect. Play your guitar with the effect on (you'll hear the normal guitar sound), then sing or say something into the mic. This will automatically switch into the AutoTalk effect. When you finish vocalizing, the Talker will automatically switch back to your guitar sound.


The Digitech Talker is the first revolutionary product to utilize the Advanced Vocal Synthesis technology. This technology is the product of our extensive research into physical modeling over the last two years. Singing or talking into a microphone while playing a guitar or bass, creates the intelligible words and phrases, allowing your instrument to actually talk or sing. Unlike anything you've ever heard before, the Digitech Talker offers the most advanced technology to hit the guitar market since the introduction of the Whammy Pedal.

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  • Signal/Noise (A weighted)
    Microphone path: -91dB
    Instrument path: -90 dB
  • Frequency Response (-3db)
    Microphone path: 10 Hz to 14.5 kHz
    Instrument path: 10 Hz to 14.5 kHz
  • Input range
    Microphone path: -34 dBV-+15 dBV
    Instrument path: -14 dBV-+15 dBV
  • Output range
    Microphone path: -Â¥ to 11.3 dBV
    Instrument path: -Â¥ to 11.3 dBV
  • THD+N (A weighted)
    Microphone path: 0.04%
    Instrument path: 0.04%
  • Input Impedance
    Microphone path: 20 kOhm
    Instrument path: 500 kOhm
  • Bypass
    Microphone path: Hard-wired
    Instrument path: Hard-wired
  • Connectors
    Microphone path: Input balanced XLR
    Instrument path: unbalanced 1/4" mono
  • Output
    Microphone path: balanced XLR
    Instrument path: unbalanced 1/4" mono
  • Size
    8" X 2.75" X 7.25"
  • Weight
    6 lb. / 2.7 Kg.
  • Adapter O/P Rating
    9.75 VAC @ 820 mA

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