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Plug into Hardwire’s Supernatural Reverb and discover 7 all-new, studio-quality reverbs that give you a whole new dimension of rich, ambient sound to expand your mind and your music. Tweak the selector switch and step on the pedal to get what is arguably the best Plate reverb we have ever heard, or switch over to the Plate Mod setting to add an idyllic layer of chorus.

The Shimmer mode will evoke the mysteries of the heavens with reverb that cascades upward into truly ethereal octave shifts, or turn on the Shine mode to perfect the shimmer with thick, lush chorus and a hint of pitch shifting. Head out for the depths of space with the Supernova setting and you will find boundless reverb shining with the brilliance of flange and just a subtle trace of pitch shifting, or explore another world with some Pherb, rich Lexicon Hall reverb flavored with a tasteful hint of phasing. Then bring it all back to earth with the most accurate and realistic spring reverb on the market today, brought to you by the most complex and powerful Lexicon algorithm to date to give you the classic “surf” reverb.

The Supernatural puts it all at your feet with three simple controls. Use the Mix control to dial in the perfect balance of dry signal to effect, find your tone with the Liveliness control and set the Decay to get your reverb singing for as long as you like. Then fit the hard rubber Stomplock attachment over the controls to preserve your settings. The Tails On/Off Switch, located beneath the footswitch, lets your last few notes reverberate naturally after the effect is turned off, or shuts off the effect immediately for true bypass. Two input and two output jacks give you the option of an otherworldly 3-D stereo operation.


  • Analog Dry Through Signal Path
  • Plate, Plate Mod, Shimmer, Supernova, Shine, Pherb and Spring Reverb
  • Mix, Liveliness, Decay Controls
  • Stereo/Mono Inputs and Outputs
  • Tails On/Off Switch
  • Stomplock Attachment Preserves Your Settings
  • 5.25” (13.33 cm) x 3.5” (8.89 cm) x 2.15” (5.46 cm)
  • 1.3 Lbs. (.589 kg)
  • Standard -9vdc or Battery Operation
  • USA Made




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