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The Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive gives your guitar amp a boost just when you need it. This rugged pedal produces the smooth natural character of an overdriven tube amp while maintaining your guitar's distinct tone. Low and High tone controls give you the flexibility to boost or cut the bass and treble frequencies for just the right sound. Get a Bad Monkey and supercharge your amp's tone.


myFXDB user reviews

4 reviews, average score of 8 / 10

2016-03-068.5/10  ......
2016-01-179/10  Punkish Dirty overdrive, not your normal clean boost, Great when combined with bass or contrasting pedals. Nasty gnarly pedal, this could be good or bad.
2015-04-107/10  ......
2013-09-087.5/10  Cheap, decent tone controls, smooth Sensitive to rf interference

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