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SEVEN Signature Tones that changed the world forever.

Since the first time the world experienced Jimi Hendrix, things have never been the same. DigiTech® is honored to be chosen by the Hendrix family, to emblazon Jimi's prophetic musical vision with a truly remarkable performance tool through our Production Modeling™ technology.

Introducing The Jimi Hendrix Experience™, the only pedal to capture the tones that changed guitar playing forever. The pedal was created using the original masters at Electric Lady Studios in association with Eddie Kramer, the original recording engineer. The Jimi Hendrix Experience pedal so closely models the fine nuances of Jimi's sounds that each pedal requires TWO of our AudioDNA™ DSP chips!

Eddie Kramer, Jimi's engineer at Olympic and Electric Lady Studio, was an essential part of the Hendrix sound. Who better to help recreate those timeless tones than the man who set up the original mics and ran the mixing board adding his own magic? Working with DigiTech and our proprietary Production Modeling technology, he helped rebuild each facet of Jimi's tone, from guitar effects and amp to the vintage outboard signal processors.

But it gets even better. Thanks to Eddie and the Hendrix family, we were able to use the original tapes as a reference source for our Production Modeling technology. The results of this once-in-a-lifetime project will amaze you when you hear the Jimi Hendrix Experience™ pedal.

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