Digisound module 80-6 VCF Voltage Controlled Filter


  • Octaves
  • Fine
  • Signal 1
  • Signal 2
  • Control 2
  • Resonance
  • switch?


  • C1
    frequency control CV input 1
  • C2
    frequency control CV input 2
  • Res.
    resonance CV input
  • S1
    audio input 1
  • S2
    audio input 2
  • S3
    audio input 3
  • Out1
    audio output 1
  • Out2
    audio output 2



Voltage Controlled Filter based on CEM 3320.

Four types of filter configuration are available using the same PCB design. They are: 4-pole, 24dB/octave Low Pass (80-6L), Band Pass (80-6B), High Pass (80-6H) and Phase Shift with two deep notches (80-6P). Exponential voltage control (1V/octave) for good tracking with oscillators. Envelope generator sweep input and three signal inputs (two with attenuators). Manual and voltage control of resonance. Filters may be made to oscillate. All four filters cover the full audio range.

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