Digicomp AIM HM-2000 Harmonic Modifier


  • Volume
    Controls Pre-Amp stage. Will increase boost if turned in a clockwise direction
  • 2 Mode Toggle Switch
    Switches unit into low distortion mode when in (squiggle) position or into the heavy metal distortion when in (other squiggle) mode.
  • Distortion
    Controls the amount of distortion the effect produces within the mode the unit is placed in by the Toggle Switch.


the manual


The A.I.M. line of products provides the ultimate in effects pedals. The HM2000 offers three separate effects that are at your command to use by themselves or to be blended together. These effects are a 40 decibel Pre-Amp, a compression backed distortion, and a heavy metal machine. Behind all of these features is the latest technology, with sounds cleaner and brighter than ever before. But above all, we offer the highest quality. From our heavy duty Footswitch to our adjustable knobs, A.I.M. is quality. We don't just talk quality, we back it in writing with a 2 year limited warranty.


  • 40 dB Pre-Amp:
    To use te Pre-Amp only:
    1. Place Toggle Control in (squiggle) mode.
    2. Cut out all Distortion effects by turning DISTORTION CONTROL to counter clockwise to 0.
    3. Control Pre-Amp through VOLUME knob.
    1. Place Toggle Control in (squiggle) mode.
    2. Use DISTORTION control to vary amount of Distortion introduced into the system.
    1. Place Toggle Control in (squiggle) mode.
    2. Use DISTORTION control to vary amount of Distortion in the system.

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