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The Dickinson D1 Overdrive pedal is designed to give you full range, tonally pure, beautifully compressed valve overdrive and distortion whilst maintaining the integrity of your guitar and amp sound. Whether you're playing with gentle overdrive or high gain distortion the D1 will remain flexible and dynamic and will give you a sound quality, clarity and directness of response that can only be achieved with point to point valve equipment.

In the 'On' mode the pedal uses 3 stages of valve gain to give anything from sweet, compressed, clean boost to smooth, full range overdrive. When the boost is switched in a 4th stage of gain is added, the level of which can be adjusted using the boost knob. This will give you subtle level boost at low gain settings to fully saturated distortion at high gain settings. Even in this mode the pedal remains incredibly dynamic and you can clean up your sound just by backing off your guitar volume. The hard wired true bypass means you don't lose anything when the pedal is bypassed and the 5 way rotary top switch allows 2 stages of treble boost and 2 of top cut.

The pedal features a grained stainless steel enclosure with etched lettering, knobs milled from solid aluminium, stainless steel fasteners throughout and stainless steel roll bars to protect the valves. The hand wired, point to point all valve circuit uses over-spec electronic components on a G10 turret board to ensure a long and reliable life. The circuit runs with true HT @ 250 volts and DC heaters to minimize noise.

The pedal is supplied with a power supply and a padded canvas gig bag.


  • Enclosure: Grained stainless steel with stainless fasteners
  • Knobs: Milled from billett aluminium
  • Valves: ECC83 x 2
  • Switching: On / Bypass, Boost on / off
  • Controls: Gain, 5 way top switch, 3 way boost control, Output
  • Power supply: 12VAC 1 Amp (included)
  • HT: 250 volts DC
  • Heaters: DC
  • Dimensions: H/W/D : 100mm / 200mm / 170mm
  • Weight: 2 Kg.
  • Accessories: Padded canvas Gig bag (included)

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