Dice Works Fuzz Epic - Union Jack / Muff Diver


Erich from Dice Works

Oh boy, is the Fuzz Epic ALOT of pedal. It's a combination of my Muf Diver and Union Jack. You get the Colorsound (Sola) Tone Bender MkII, Marshall Supa Fuzz, Triangle Big Muff, my Cornish mods to the Muff, Guild Foxey Lady, and Sola Supa Tone Bender. All with plenty of variations and a custom switching system.

Features include germanium Mullard OC-75 transistors for the MKII/Supa Fuzz side, and a rare silicon NOS Phillips (which will remain un-named) for the Muff side (see my Muff Diver Finale for details). 1% metal film resistors (you DO NOT want carbon comps for either side, too noisy), polyester and polystyrene capacitors (no ceramic disks), LED, Positive-tip AC jack (along with regular battery operation), and true-bypass custom switching. The "Bypass" switch bypasses the effect to the out jack, while the "Effect" switch goes between the MKII and Muff sides (so you can switch to either side instantly with only one switch). The switching also has one MAJOR advantage; if you had all of the individual pedals this effect encompasses, there would be over 8 feet of cable from the input jack of the first pedal to the output of the last (that includes the internal wiring of each effect from input jack, to switch, to output jack, and five 6-inch patch cables). My way is only 5 inches from input to output. So the amount of expensive cables and the load of 8 feet of cable and wiring has been eliminated.

Controls are for (MKII/Supa Fuzz)- Volume, Bias, Attack, and a toggle for Tone Bender of Supa Fuzz operation (SF/TB). The Muff controls are Volume, Tone, and Fuzz knobs, and the toggles are for original Triangle or Cornish modes (O/C toggles), and a 3-way toggle for Muff/Supa Tone Bender/Modded Muff mode.

Also, the EXACT circuits for the Supa Fuzz and MKII are in this pedal. So it isn't my impression of those pedals, but the actual circuit values. The bias knob just replaces the 8k2 value from voltage to collector of Q3 as seen in the schematics. So you can do the dying battery tricks, or overbias it (which changes the character of the gain).

From Justin Haywood, to Jimmy Page, Pete Townshend, The Guess Who, Robert Fripp, Gilmour, and Steve Hackett. Pretty much ALL of the great 70's fuzz tones, in one very compact little package.

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