Dice Works Astronimus


  • Drive
    This control sets the gain of the stages before the equalizer section and as the gain or drive is increased adds varying harmonics which are then subjected to the Octavia section. It also adds sustain and effects the feedforward action and gating threshold.
  • Volume
    This controls the final output level desired.


Erich from Dice Works

The Astronimus is based on the ORIGNAL Roger Mayer Octavio. There MIGHT have been 5 of the original Octavios ever made, and I was contacted by someone who owned an original. He wanted me to build a replica of his, as he wasn't comfortable using his original to play out with. It took about 3 weeks of talking and building, but I got it dialed in. There are alot of differences between my octavia, and the Tycobrahe Octavia. Mainly, the Octavio will actually work with your bridge pickup, you can use it in ALL areas of the neck, not just from the 9th fret to the 15th fret, and you can play chords with it. All other Octavias run on 9V, but this one runs on 18v. The 18v gives it a little more "oompf" (power). There is no other octavia on the market that can do what this one does, period.

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