Diamond Guitar Pedals


    Diamond Guitar Pedals is run by Julian Taylor (President), Michael Knappe (CTO) and Aimish Wallace (Director of Operations). The company is located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

    Timeline (by Michael Knappe)

    • November 2002: Polyblend Systems Inc founded in Nova Scotia, Canada.
    • August 2003: Tim Fifield and Michael Knappe begin work on the Diamond Drive.
    • January 2004: Tim Fifield joins Polyblend Systems full time.
    • June 2004: Our very first shipment of approximately 30 hand built Diamond Drive pedals goes to the Musicstop in Halifax (Aimish Wallace at that time was the guitar products buyer for the Musicstop store chain - thanks Aimish!!).
    • March 2005: The first Diamond Compressor ships.
    • July 2005: The first Memory Lane Analog Delay with Tap Tempo ships.
    • January 2008: Aimish Wallace joins Polyblend Systems / Diamond Pedals as Director of Operations.

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