DHA ValveTone VT2 Standard Dual Guitar


Dave Hall Amps (DHA)

Two Stage GUITAR Valve Overdrive and Distortion Pedal.

The VT2-Dual-Std-Guitar from DHA is a hand built valve Overdrive and Distortion effects pedal which uses two 12AX7EH (ECC83) preamp valves/tubes to provide true valve/tube tone, the tone generated has to be heard to be believed! It has two gain settings which are selectable via a footswitch and the cool blue backlight LEDs behind each valve lets you know when channel 1 or channel 1+2 is selected.

Please note the picture shows a bass version.

This pedal is our first Dual Guitar model to be released in our Standard range and joins the VT1-Std-Bass,VT1-Std-Guitar, VT2-Dual-Std-Bass and VT1-Std-Bass-Compressor. The Standard range of DHA pedals offer the same classic valve/tube tones of our boutique products but at a lower cost in a no frills unpainted box. There are reduced features in the Std range compared to the boutique ones but it's the same design, tone and high quality components inside.

Channel 1 offers low to mid gain and the user can set up a clean setting which produces great valve fat tone. The highest settings on channel 1 will overdrive the input valve to give great valve crunch.

Channel 2 starts where channel 1 stops as it is driven by it. So it starts at crunch and ends up at very high gain. At full channel 1 gain into full channel 2 gain the gain is almost out of control and totally wild!

By using the by-pass, and the 1+2 footswitches then 3 playing settings are available.

The VT2-Dual-Std-Guitar will act as a high gain valve/tube pre-amp when used with a modern solid state amp and it sounds fantastic with valve amps by keeping the signal path pure. The VT2-Dual-Std-Guitar will even sound great when plugged directly into a desk or a digital recording setup.

There is a bright switch which adds treble response if required.

The two 12AX7 valves can be seen via the vents and have cool blue backlights. The left hand side valve is lit by it's backlight when the effect is selected and the right hand valve is lit when 1+2 is selected.

There is a Gain control for each channel, 1>2 level and a Master level to let you select that tone you been looking for!

The 1>2 level control sets the amount of overdrive generated as channel 1 drives channel 2.

There is a solid footswitch for true by-pass and channel 1+2 selection.

The VT2-Dual-Std-Guitar runs from a 12V DC 1200mA supply via a standard 2.1mm socket.

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