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Dave Hall Amps (DHA)

The VT2-Stereo-Keyboard from DHA is a hand built all valve pre-amp for keyboards which is designed to produce true valve tone for all types of mono and stereo keyboard instruments. The design came about after several requests from keyboard players for this effect and many others using our mono VT1-Purist-Bass.

A separate 12AX7 valve is used per channel which can be seen via the vent holes on the effect and are lit with a cool blue led backlight. The effect adds valve warmth at lower gain settings but will introduce valve overdrive, softclipping distortion at higher settings. Think Deep Purple, The Animals, blues and classic rock.

The softclipping distortion which is only produced by valves generates odd and even harmonics for full and fat tones. Our aim is to produce tones like the old Hamond valve organs.

The valves are run a 24V DC so valve soft clipping is generated at low signal levels and this is amplified by the op-amp to provide lots of overdrive volume. The VT2-Stereo-Keyboard will act just like a valve pre-amp when used with a modern solid state amp or PA and it sounds fantastic with valve amps by keeping the signal path pure.

The VT2-Stereo-Keyboard will even sound great when plugged directly into a desk or a digital recording set-up by taking the fizzy digital edge off.

There is a Input level, Gain and Output Control which work in Stereo but the effect can be used with a mono instrument and still produce a Stereo output.

There is a solid footswitch for true by-pass with an effect on LED.

The VT2-Stereo-Keyboard runs from a 12V DC 1200mA supply via a standard 2.1mm socket. There is voltage doubler circuit inside the pedal for valve operation at 24VDC.

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