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Dave Hall Amps (DHA)

The VT1-Std-Bass from DHA is a hand built valve Overdrive effects pedal which uses a 12AX7 (ECC83) preamp valve to provide pure valve tone, the tone generated has to be heard to be believed! The VT1-Std-Bass is suited to bass and keyboard players looking for subtle to crunch valve tone for blues and rock. This new model is a low cost version of our VT1 range, the box is unpainted to reduce the manufactoring costs but the rest is made to our normal high standards.

Overdrive is achieved by using both gain stages in the 12AX7EH valve to generate the classic valve pre-amp overdrive tone plus a clean op-amp boost is available for extra output volume. The valve is ran at 24V DC so valve soft clipping is generated at low levels of gain and this is amplified by the valve's second stage and the selectable op-amp to provide lots of overdrive volume. This is great with modern solid state amps and fantastic with valve amps. The VT1-Std-Bass will even sound great when plugged directly into a desk or a digital recording setup.

The Gain and Level controls let you select that tone you been looking for! And don't forget the volume and tone on your guitar which will react well with the VT1-Std-Bass just like a real valve amp. There is a true By-Pass Foot Switch and the cool blue valve backlight acts as the effect on indicator which is visable via the vents.

There is a bright switch on this model which boosts the treble when selected without losing the bottom end. There is an i/p pad control which is useful when using active or high output pickups.

The tone is pure valve, fat and warm and completely different to silicon effects pedals which tend to fizz and compress the signal. Unlike silicon pedals you can use the volume control on your bass to control the amount of distortion you want, just turn it up for the solo.

There is a selectable boost function. This adds additional clean output volume to the valve signal using a low noise op-amp. This function is very usefull when very low levels of gain are required for clean but fat valve tones. The boost switch allows the user to true by-pass this function so giving a true valve path.

The VT1-Std-Bass runs from a 9-12VDC 500mA (12VDC 1200mA recommended) supply via a standard 2.1mm socket, there is an internal switch mode power supply which generates the the 24V Plate voltage.

The VT1-Std-Bass is totally hand built using a quality PCB and point to point methods, even the box is hand marked. There is a one year return to manufacturer guarantee which covers parts and labour in case of failure with each unit.

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