DHA ValveTone VT1 Purist


  • Level
    sets the output level of the effect to your amplifier, there is a fair amount of gain generated by the valve and this will overdrive the input of your guitar amplifier.
  • Gain
    sets the level into the second stage of the valve and hence the level of gain. Use your volume control on your guitar to control the gain on the first stage of the valve, you will find that the ValveTone Purist responses very well to this and you can control the break-up distortion like this.


the manual

The ValveTone 1 Purist uses a single 12AX7 (ECC83) valve to generate classic pure valve tones. The ValveTone 1 Purist is a low to medium gain effect and is intended to be used in front of a valve amplifier, but will also work well with solid state amps. The foot switch provides a true by-pass and the LED indicates if the effect is on or off.

The ValveTone 1 Purist is fitted with 2.1mm external PSU adaptor for use with a 12v @ 1200mA external supply. The user should use a well regulated external supply as the better the regulation then the less the hum when at higher gain levels. The inner of the connector is the positive, there is reverse polarity protection so no harm will be done if you get it wrong. There is an internal switch mode power supply which doubles the 12V to 24V for the valve anodes or ‘plates'. This feature provides improved clean headroom and a greater output over the MK2 version.

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