DHA ValveTone VT1 Standard Bass Compressor


Dave Hall Amps (DHA)

The VT1-Bass-Compressor from DHA is a hand built valve/tube Bass guitar optical compressor effects pedal which uses a 12AX7 (ECC83) preamp valve to provide true valve tone.

The tone is fat without any any loss of bottom end but still keeping the mids and highs and no compression fizz. There are 2 modes of compression, hard and soft which are selected via a switch. Soft compression is a low level compression and provides a vintage type valve/tube effect. Hard compression is much more modern sound suitable for slap bass, it also acts as a limiter at higher settings.

The controls are i/p pad, Compression, Decay, Level, by-pass and hard/soft switch. There is an effect on LED, power on backlight which can be seen via the valve vents and compression LED. The compression LED pulses which the amount of compression and decay set.

i/p pad sets the amount of signal into the effect, compression sets the amount of compression in both hard and soft modes. Decay sets the decay level of zero to long levels and hence the smoothness. Level is the output level control.

The circuit uses a 12AX7 (ECC83) pre-amp valve in the signal path and 2 types of optical interface for the hard and soft modes. 5 high quality dual op-amps (10 stages) are used for peak detection, decay and signal boost. There is a lot in this little box!

It has taken almost a year to develop this pedal working with pro and semi-pro players in order to provide an effect that is right for all bass players.

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