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The VT1-Blender pedal is a valve driven effects loop with a wet/dry blend control for your stomp boxes. This allows the mix or blend of the pedals in your effects loop to be adjusted to let the true tone of the guitar or bass still be heard. This is the same as the Fx loop seen on good amplifiers.

Unlike other blenders "Bob the Blender" is valve driven so it warms up the tone and acts as a valve pre-amp with an Fx-loop for your pedal board. This is great when adding delay, fuzz, chorus, reverb, etc. but still keeping the warm valve tone and letting the true tone of the guitar or bass pass.

This pedal was designed after several requests for a wet/dry mixer on our existing Valvetone pedals.

There is a selectable boost function with a boost level control. This adds additional clean output volume to the valve signal using a low noise op-amp. This function is very usefull when very low levels of gain are required for clean but fat valve tones. The boost switch allows the user to true by-pass this function so giving a true valve path.

There are Blend, Level, I/P Level and Boost controls plus a boost select switch and a true by-pass foot switch. There are 4 1/4" jacks, instrument in, instrument out, FX send and FX return. If there is no input to the FX return or the blend is set to zero then the pedal acts as a valve pre-amp.

The VT1 - Blender runs from a 9-12V DC 1200mA supply via a standard 2.1mm socket, there is an internal switch mode power supply which generates the the 24V Plate voltage.

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