DHA Fuzzy Feeling


  • Level
    sets the output level of the effect to your amplifier, there is a fair amount of gain as well as fuzz so it will overdrive your amplifiers input if you set it high enough which will generate even more distortion. Push it really hard and great feedback fuzz effects are possible.
  • Fuzz Attack
    adjusts the attack of the waveform, it allows the user to select smoother Fuzz with greater sustain.


the manual

The Fuzzy Feeling design is based around the Colorsound ToneBender MK11 Professional with a few tweaks from us. It uses three PNP NOS gain selected germanium transistors to provide the classic Fuzz effect of the 60s and 70s. Three transistors are used instead of just two as in most designs, this means that a lot more gain is generated as well as a totally saturated Fuzz tone. The Fuzzy Feeling is totally hand build using a high quality PCB and point to point methods, it is built to last. The result is instant Hendrix and Page, just add talent!

The Fuzzy Feeling is fitted with a PP3 9v battery but also has a 2.1mm external PSU adaptor for use with a 9v @ 200mA external supply.

Important -the external supply must be negative centre, which means positive outer. This is because the PNP transistors require a negative supply so you must use a separate external supply from your other effects pedals which are normally negative outer. The external PSU and the battery both have reverse polarity protection so no harm will be done if you get it wrong. The supply is connected automatically to the circuit when you plug in your guitar, so don't forget to unplug in when not in use or the battery will go flat!

Dave Hall Amps (DHA) (2008)

The Fuzzy Feeling guitar effects pedal from DHA is a hand built boutique PNP Germanium Transistor Fuzz box. It uses 3 NOS gain selected AC128 PNP Germanium Transistors to generate the classic smooth Fuzz distortion of the 60s and 70s. The tone generated by the Germanium transistors is completely different to modern silicon version.

This is like the classic Fuzz Face tone but with much, much more gain using the 3 rd Germanium transistor to drive the output level hard.

The controls are simple but very effective, just Fuzz Attack and Level. There is a true By-Pass switch and a 2.1mm 9V DC supply socket if you want to save the battery. There is a PP3 battery fitted at no extra cost. (A suitable PSU can be supplied at an additional cost of £15.99 (UK only) if required, just add this to cost of your purchase.)

The Fuzzy Feeling is totally hand built using a high quality PCB and point to point methods, even the box is hand painted. There is a one year return to manufacturer guarantee which covers parts and labour in case of failure with each unit.

I only make a limited amount of these Pedals each year as I get hold of suitable transistors which are becoming harder to find, so don't miss out, buy now.

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