Devi Ever FX ZG Zero Good


Devi Ever

A variation of Devi Ever's GZ circuit and a derivative of the Mystery fuzz, the ZG Fuzz guitar effects pedal brings out full chords, compressed fuzz tones, starved synth chords, dying battery tones, and a heavy bottom that's just plain nasty.

The Volume knob controls the outbound gain of the fuzz circuit, and there is a lot of gain on tap. Use it loud to push an amp into overdrive or boost lead parts. Be careful though, it can get very loud on a clean amp. The control knob changes the Devi Ever FZ fuzz pedal's intensity and character, so you can control the level of fuzz pumping through your amp for an incredibly dirty fuzz tone.


  • Volume knob
  • Control knob
  • True bypass
  • MXR-sized enclosure
  • Boutique-quality components
  • Incredibly low mA draw
  • Silicon transistor based
  • 9 volt, 2.1 mm, negative tip power jack
  • 9 volt battery snap inside (unscrew the back plate)

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