Devi Ever FX TP Torn's Peaker



Devi Ever

Moves smoothly between overdrive/distortion and fuzz.

Imagine playing through a classic fuzz pedal into a vintage tube amp. Then that tube amp was recorded through an old mixer channel with the pre gain set too high. That is the sound of the Torn's Peaker fuzz pedal from Devi Ever. The effect pedal gives you a combination of sweet distortion cascading from the fuzz to the amp to the board. The Torn's Peaker fuzz pedal is a truly marvelous effect that goes from biting overdrive to singing leads.

The Devi Ever Torn's Peaker works well with bass, guitar, vocals, synths, drums, and anything else you can run through it.

The Volume knob controls the outbound gain of the fuzz circuit, and there is a lot of gain on tap. Use it loud to push an amp into overdrive or boost lead parts. Be careful though, it can get very loud on a clean amp. The Devi Every fuzz pedal's Intensity knob controls the amount of forward signal going into the fuzz circuit. This control acts similarly to the sustain, or drive knob, on other dirt boxes, but with the most extreme setting sending the fuzz texture into a more scrambled, chaotic disarray.


  • Volume knob
  • Intensity knob
  • Footswitch
  • Rugged metal housing
  • True bypass
  • MXR-sized enclosure
  • Boutique-quality components
  • Incredibly low mA draw
  • Silicon transistor based
  • 9 volt, 2.1 mm, negative tip power jack
  • 9 volt battery snap inside (unscrew the back plate)

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